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Our philosophy

Founded by two partners of a leading international law firm highly specialized in the field of data privacy and IT laws, DP Dock offers top-notch privacy consulting since May 2018 when the GDPR came into force. Thanks to our efficient processes, not only top-tiers but also startups and SMEs benefit from our expertise at a pricing level below the usual remuneration for big law firms. DP Dock supports your company in a pragmatic manner with all questions relating to EU data privacy laws - by providing external EU data protection officers, project managers and international GDPR representation from Hamburg in Germany to the whole world.

The success of your enterprise is at the forefront of our objectives. We consider ourselves as enablers, making the most of data privacy for your business model. Data protection and privacy compliance are often regarded as impediments and cost drivers. On the contrary, a well managed data mapping, being the cornerstone for any thriving GDPR implementation program, offers many opportunities to unleash the potential of your hidden data pools and to reorganize your IT infrastucture more effectively. Sticking to the rules of data protection in doing so will mitigate the tremendous liability risks of the GDPR and help you to earn trust in the privacy-sensitive EU markets. 

Availability and flexibility are our major promises. We know about the specific needs of various industries and are able to join your GDPR implementation program at any stage. Our experience helps us to deliver realistic and suitable risk assessments. With us, you will never have to wait long for a knowledgeable reponse. Try it out right now.


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