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Our Team and Mission

Our goal at DP-Dock is to provide you with excellent services relating to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), namely external Data Protection Officers (DPO) and EU GDRP Representatives (GDPR Rep). We offer lean compliance solutions for enterprises from top tier to SME and startups. Our clear international focus allows us to flexibly adapt our services to your individual demands. We rely on a solid network in the data protection industry all over Europe and are experts in representing international customers within the European Union.

We are not a law firm and offer pricing below the level of international law firms. In case of complex legal reviews or extended proceedings with supervisory authorities, we can establish contact to highly specialized data protection and IT lawyers of an international law firm we cooperate with. Partners of this law firm are shareholders of DP-Dock.

Arno Schlösser

Arno is our Managing Director and acts as DPO for international customers. He is a former managing director, head of sales and project manager of several companies in the IT industry.

Niklas Drexler

Niklas is our Chief Operating Officer and heads the international GDPR Rep practice. He holds a German law degree and formerly worked for international law firms in the field of data protection.

Stefan Mönnich

Stefan acts as an external DPO and project manager for German customers. Before, he was responsible for IT security and big data related projects at several telecom providers.

Cordula Schau

Cordula acts as an external DPO and project manager for German customers. She is a software project manager and entrepreneur and is specialized in digital media.

Silke Schaumann

Silke acts as an external DPO for German customers. She worked as an IT project manager and is specialized in e-learning and software implementation.