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DP-DOCK - Data Protection

Compliance and data protection consulting

Qualified assistance for companies around the world. 

Active since 2018.

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Our services

Digitization consultancy by
qualified and certified lawyers

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External Data Protection Officers

External data protection officers for your company.

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our data protection services

EU-GDPR Representative

Representation of international companies within the EU.

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our GDPR EU services

UK-GDPR Representative

Representation of international companies within the United Kingdom.

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our GDPR UK services


Legal Representative

Legal representative according to the regulation on conbating the spread of terrorist content online.

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our TCO-VO/TerrOIBG legal services

Digital Services Act (DSA) -

Legal Representative

Legal Representative under the Digital Services Act.

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our Digital Services Act expertise


Our Customers

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DP-Dock - Data Protection

Digitization consultancy since 2018

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01 Experience and Expertise

DP-Dock was founded in 2018 by a proven IT expert and two leading attorneys with many years of experience in IT and data protection matters.

Portrait photo of DP-Dock shareholder: Dr. Paul Voigt in front of a white wall. He is wearing a light blue shirt and smiling.

Dr. Paul Voigt

Portrait photo of DP-Dock shareholder: Dr. Axel Freiherr von dem Bussche, LL. M in front of a white wall. He is wearing a white shirt and smiling.

Dr. Axel Freiherr von dem Bussche, LL. M.

A portrait photo of the managing director Arno Schlösser of DP-Dock. He stands in front of a light gray wall and wears a white shirt.

Arno Schlösser

02 Globally active

DP-Dock advises international customers and carries out complex and transnational projects for them.


03 Individual solutions

DP-Dock develops pragmatic solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers.


04 Sustainable compliance strategies

DP-Dock implements processes hat comply with current legislation and can easily be adapted to future changes in legislation.


Client testimonials about our data protection consultancy

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Logo - Redbubble

(Data Protection Officer: DPO)
Redbubble Inc., 111 Sutter Street, 17th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA

„DP-Dock brings real value to data protection compliance with their extensive experience in advising global technology companies operating in Europe in a responsive and professional manner.”

Logo - Universal Tennis

(Data Protection Officer: DPO)
Universal Tennis, LLC, 525 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA

„DP-Dock is our designated Art. 27 GDPR representative for many years – more recently they are, in addition, our external DPO: a decision we’ve been happy with. Their understanding of global trends in data privacy is remarkable – including the provision of awareness trainings for our employees across the globe.“

Logo - ottobock

(Data Protection Officer: DPO)
Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA, Max-Näder-Strasse 15, 37115 Duderstadt, Germany

„The cooperation with DP-Dock as our external data protection officer is always goal-oriented and trustworthy in our environment with numerous globally distributed locations. We are completely satisfied with their service: Pragmatic, solution-oriented, qualified and, if necessary, prompt."

Our promise

This is what our clients can rely on

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Our goal is to help companies establish sustainable compliance.

We work closely with our customers to develop individual solutions tailored to their specific business requirements. Our approach considers the individual risks and challenges within the company. We implement practical measures meeting legal requirements.

Contact Information

Arrange a free first consultation with our
data privacy and compliance specialists

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Ballindamm 39
20095 Hamburg

Supplementary Information

Key Information on Data Protection and Compliance

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Watch for sports with smartwatch. Jogging training for marathon.
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Wearables and fitness apps - are they fit to protect your privacy? No.

They are convenient, small, and you carry them with you all the time: we are talking about fitness apps and wearable smart devices that track your fitness and health data...

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Data Security
Curious smart little girl typing on laptop alone, clever cute child using computer online without permission, forbidden internet content parental protection, pc control and security for kid concept
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The GDPR and children

The EU General Data Protection Regulation considers the personal data of children and young people to be particularly vulnerable because, according to the legislator, children are less aware of the risks and their rights than adults...

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Data Security
At the cash desk
© georgerudy / | #141062843

Loyalty cards and data protection

Everyone knows them and almost everyone uses them - loyalty cards are now a standard part of the shopping experience. They promise many benefits to loyal customers. The idea is to create long-term customer loyalty...

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Data Security

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