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DSA – Legal representative

As legal representative under Article 13 of the Digital Services Act (DSA), we represent non-EU companies and handle communications and coordination with regulators to ensure compliance with the Digital Services Act. We offer this representation out of Germany, Ireland and The Netherlands.

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Role & Duties of the Legal Representative
under Article 13 of the Digital Services Act

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The legal representative is the contact person for EU authorities and can be held liable for the compliance violations of the represented provider.

The appointment of a legal representative within the EU does not constitute an establishment in the EU. However, the national authorities at the location of the representative are responsible for enforcing the DSA against the represented non-EU company.

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Who is required to designate a representative under the DSA?

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The DSA affects various types of intermediary services, including Internet access services, social networks, online marketplaces and search engines. It also applies to access, caching and hosting providers, which includes large tech companies as well as small providers and even individual WLAN operators.

Any provider of these services that does not have an establishment in the EU but offers services in the EU must appoint a legal representative in one of the EU member states in which the provider offers its services.

The legal representative is to be the contact person for EU authorities and can also be held accountable for violations by the provider.


Failure by a non-EU provider to comply with its legal obligation to designate an DSA representative can result in fines of up to 6% of the provider's annual revenue. Compliance with the obligation to appoint an EU representative can be easily verified, as the provider must provide the Digital Service Coordinator with the contact details of its representative and make the information about the representative publicly available.


Roles & Duties of the EU DSA representative

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The appointed legal representative may be held liable for non-compliance with obligations under the DSA without affecting legal actions that could also be taken against the providers.

Providers of the above services must provide the name, address, email address and telephone number of their legal representative to the Digital Service Coordinator (DSC) in the member state in which the legal representative resides.

They must also ensure that such information is up-to-date. The appointment of a legal representative within the EU does not qualify as an establishment in the EU. However, the residence of the representative specifies which DSC authority is responsible.

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Client feedback about our data protection services

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(Data Protection Officer: DPO)
Redbubble Inc., 111 Sutter Street, 17th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA

„DP-Dock brings real value to privacy compliance with their professionalism, responsiveness and depth of experience advising global tech companies operating in Europe.”

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(Data Protection Officer: DPO)
Universal Tennis, LLC, 525 University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA

„DP-Dock is our designated Art. 27 GDPR representative for many years – more recently they are, in addition, our external DPO: a decision we’ve been happy with. Their understanding of global trends in data privacy is remarkable – including the provision of awareness trainings for our employees across the globe.“

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(Data Protection Officer: DPO)
Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA, Max-Näder-Strasse 15, 37115 Duderstadt, Germany

DP-Dock is our external data protection officer. They work with us in a targeted and trustworthy manner in an environment where we have many locations around the world. We are fully satisfied with their service. They are pragmatic, solution-oriented, qualified and fast when needed."

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